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84 Years Young and Flexible: Age Means Nothing in Flexibility

  • 84 Years Young and Flexible: Age Means Nothing in Flexibility
  • Finding Your Ideal  Stance Width Launch Position
  • Putter Grip Size, Absolute Balance & Path
  • Understanding Your Grip Size Measurements
The Wright Balance System

We Fit You for Superior Performance & Maximum Power via Absolute Balance

Everyone has a unique body type that impacts their performance in their sport. Our system fits your equipment to your personal body type using 10 simple body measurements. The results of these measurements will give you your ideal posture, stance width and right and left hand grip sizes. These factors will place you in Absolute Balance. How you perform and how much power you generate is a result of Absolute Balance, also known as the "athletic position".

What is Absolute Balance? Absolute Balance is your ability to maintain your center of gravity with minimal postural sway. Simple things like the width of your stance or the size of any object you place in your hands will change your posture and your center of gravity (see the research). When your stance width, posture and grip sizes are accurate, you will experience maximum power.

Maximum Power? When you are in Absolute Balance, your feet will have maximum surface contact with the ground for leverage and your large muscles (core) will be engaged for greatest power. Not only will you have increased power, but you will reduce your chance of injury, your visual perception of points on a line will be accurate and you will experience overall improved performance.

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